Quotes Heard and Overheard During a Week Traveling in the West

I just got back from a great trip driving from Phoenix to the Tetons and back. I took many pictures and took many walks, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to put a meaningful newsletter together during my travels. So, in an effort to capture a bit of this adventure for now, I collected some quotes along the way that I thought would be worth sharing. They are in no particular order.

“I never messed with drugs or alcohol, I just have my coffee and my cigarettes. But I’ll say, you touch my coffee or my cigarettes and I’ll take my teeth out and gum ya.”

- Sheila, talking about the drug problem in her community - Black Canyon City, AZ

Guy #1 - “Maybe next trip we can find someone that actually has PCP.”

Guy #2 - “Yeah man I don’t know it’s always hard to find, especially in the West.”

Guy #1 - “Yeah you’re right.”

Guy #2 - “Yeah.”

Guy #1 - “I want just to go somewhere that has fireflies. I’ve never seen fireflies before.”

- The two campers in the sight next to mine, discussing plans for their next trip - Grand Canyon, AZ

“Is that your bed? Badass.”

- Mike, walking by while I roll up the twin air mattress and sleeping bag in the trunk of my car - Yuba Lake State Park, UT

“On real warm days, I’ll walk down to the cafe and buy an ice-cream and just lay on this one big rock on the way back to camp. It’s just the best view.”

- Alan the campground host, on his favorite nearby trails - Grand Canyon, AZ




- Every big overpass sign in Utah

“Just don’t let anything fall on the car.”

- Brendan, while we were setting up the 8x10 camera to photograph his 1964 Shelby Cobra - Grand Teton National Park, WY

“Barcelona? No, I don’t know, too many fish with eyeballs.”

- Guest at the Jenny Lake Lodge discussing the group’s next vacation - Grand Teton National Park, WY

“I was just kiddin’ about gummin’ people, I say that just to freak my grandkids out. It really drives them nuts.”

- Sheila, on her previous statement - Black Canyon City, AZ

“Holy shit. Sheep.”

- Me, alone, driving past three Border Collies and two women on horseback herding what looked like a thousand sheep up a steep hill - Somewhere in Utah





- Every other big overpass sign in Utah

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